All our projects, from the largest to the smallest, are given our highest level of customer service and attention to detail. Our friendly team of painters undertake contracts with the minimum amount of disruption to your business.

We provide out-of-hours painting services and can paint at anytime - day, night, weekends or bank holidays to ensure your business remains uninterrupted.

We use multiple methods of paint application. Brushes, rollers or spraying paint - depending on the type of property and project. We can apply paint to almost any surface - wood, metal, aluminium. We can match and supply virtually any colour.

Our painters and decorators are fully compliant with Health & Safety law.

Our quotations are free, fully specified and give you a full breakdown of the costs involved, including materials and labour. Our consistent high standards of thorough preparation in all our projects lead to a high quality and long lasting finish every time.
Although quality is our focus, we also strive to offer competitive rates. We may not offer the lowest prices but we believe we offer good value – we do not cut corners or compromise our high standards of workmanship and because we conduct a full site survey and specification before we begin a project, our quotations are accurate and the costs don’t escalate after the work begins, contact us here

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M&D.Shines head office is in 21,Osnaburgh St. Find us here. If you have any questions or require a quote please call us on 0207 383 0 898.

Our range of commercial and domestic painting and decorating services include;

      ·    Interior and exterior painting

      ·   Spray painting

      ·   All Wall coverings

      ·   Building repairs and maintenance

            ·   Heritage Renovations

      ·    Pro-active project management